Drug Test CalculatorDrug Test Calculator

Welcome to the world’s only data-driven cannabis drug test passing probability calculator. This application has been developed with over a decade of research and user submitted drug test results. Use it to determine what your odds of passing are when taking a urine or blood serum test.

Submit Drug Test ResultsSubmit Drug Test Results

Help us improve the accuracy of our drug test calculator by sending us your drug test results. We use this information with thousands of other datasets in order to update the statistical modeling that our calculator uses to determine when users will pass a drug test.

How Long Marijuana can be Detected in Your System (World’s #1 Resource)Detection Window

The only drug test detection information you need to study, based on a unique empirical dataset that provides in-depth analysis and insight to the cannabis detection window. Learn about the background of THC, the breakdown of THC into its metabolites, and an overview for how long cannabis can be detected by a urine, hair, saliva, blood, or breathalyzer test.

Preparing for a Drug TestPreparing for a Drug Test

Read our guide to find out how to prepare for a drug test – whether you have a week or more to study or just a few hours to cram.

Analyzing the Marijuana Drug Test Passing ResultsAnalyzing the Marijuana Drug Test Passing Results

Cannabis users have been submitting their drug test results and data to us for over a decade. Learn how we use this information to develop the statistical prediction models that power our drug test passing probability calculator where we breakdown several key variables: body fat weight, smoking frequency, metabolism, potency, and more.

Results on Detoxification Products vs Water DilutionResults on Detoxification Products vs Water Dilution

When users submit their drug test passing results to us, we track whether or not the sample they provided for examination was tampered with detoxification products or water dilution. This report breaks the results down and provides the pass/fail rates for untampered, detoxed, and diluted urine in addition to determining if detox products are as effective as advertised.

Nationwide Discrimination and Targeted Drug Testing PracticesDiscrimination and Targeted Drug Testing Practices

Since inception, we’ve been tracking the demographics, age, and reported ethnicity of cannabis users that have been submitting their drug test data to us. After separating and normalizing this dataset with ethnic population sizes in the United States, it has been determined that minorities and people of color are tested more than normal, and that companies use drug testing as a tool to layoff employees – often times right before an employee is about to retire and collect on retirement or pension plans.

Treating Cannabis Withdrawal with CBDTreating Cannabis Withdrawal with CBD

If you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms after stopping the use of cannabis, use our guide on how to manage them. CBD is a highly effective option, but not recommended if you’re still trying to pass a drug test. Read more to find out why.

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