An Entheogen, literally meaning generating the divine within, is any psychoactive substance that induces a spiritual experience and is aimed at spiritual development.

Facts about the Reasons Why People use Cannabis

When people use the Marijuana Drug Test Calculator to determine when they’ll pass a drug test, they may optionally navigate to Nonviolent Criminal, where they are given the option to choose why they use cannabis (How do you commit your crime?). These are the results:

  • Respondents were given a choice between Recreational Use, Medical Use, and Spiritual Use
  • 26% of the respondents chose Spiritual Use
  • 15% of the respondents chose Medical Use
  • Spiritual Use > Medical Use

For clarification, this means that one out of four people who consume cannabis in the United States claim that they do so primarily for Spiritual Use – even when given the option to choose Recreational Use. It is also important to realize that there are more people using cannabis for Spiritual Use than there are people using cannabis for Medical Use. Although Recreational Use garnered the remaining 59% of the respondents, it should be known that the term “recreational” is nothing more than a “label” that mass media coined in order to continue its campaign to demonize a natural herb while thieving pharmaceutical companies champion and promote the use of cannabinoids.

Cannabis use within religion has been traced back to Spiritual Texts dating 3000 BCE and beyond, and is recognized as an entheogen by countless Spiritual Leaders throughout history – from the Dalai Lama, Shiva, Buddha, to Jesus and the Rastas, by many more since then and now, and by the Spiritual Leaders that will inevitably exist in the future. There is undeniable evidence that within the United States, millions of people exercise their right to use cannabis in their spiritual practice.

Cannabis is a sacrament that has been used as a tool for spiritual enlightenment in religion for thousands of years. And as a sacrament, it is protected by the First Amendment. It is the people’s right to be able to use cannabis within the privacy and safety of their friends, family, and homes.

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