When it comes to passing a drug test, people have tried every method that there is. As a very last resort, certain individuals have gone as far as using someone else’s urine sample. It should be noted that we absolutely DO NOT recommend this method, since faking the result of a drug test is illegal. All of the information in this article is only for educational purposes.

If done in a correct manner, using a different urine sample can be easy and straightforward. You don’t need to spend any extra money, especially when you get a friend to help you out. However, this method requires a lot of thinking and each step should be taken with precaution.

How To Do It?

Firstly, it should be obvious that the person who is providing you their urine sample should be clean from all types of drugs, or else there’s no point. Plus, the gender of that person doesn’t matter either, since labs are unable to detect different genders.

Your friend needs to come with you to your test since the urine should be a certain temperature and you cannot use previously-stored urine. The sample needs to be about 30ml. Your friend should urinate either inside a squirty bottle, a Ziploc bag, or you can use a whizzinator too, which is a male urination simulation.

Make sure that the container is sealed tightly to avoid leakage. Take the sample and put it inside your underpants, close to your genital region in order to maintain the urine’s temperature at the right level. You can tape the container in there as well. It should be hidden properly, especially if your test is supervised.

You might be asked to empty your pockets once you’re inside the lab. When you get your sample cup and are alone, you need to carefully pour out the urine into your cup.

And, that’s it! This is a straightforward method, when done correctly can increase your chances of passing your test. However, the strictness of the test itself will influence the success rate of this method. At times, subjects are monitored closely throughout their test; hence you might need to take extreme precaution.


Taking in someone else’s urine at your own urine drug test can be an extremely risky method. The substituting and handling itself can cause a lot of problems. You could end up damaging or breaking your container that’s holding the urine, which will look very suspicious since the smell will spread throughout the whole place.

Moreover, you might get caught while transferring the urine to the test container. The temperature of the sample could be too hot or too cold. If any of this were to happen, you might have to take a retest under strict supervision or face dire consequences. Therefore, it’s recommended to use methods that are legal and safe when it comes to passing drug tests, such as using the THC detox kits.

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