This information is based on thousands of drug test results that marijuana users have submitted to us. This is a clear cut analysis of whether or not detox products have a beneficial impact on the probability of passing a drug test regardless of a person’s smoking habits or physical measurements. Overall, two thirds of marijuana users do not tamper their urine when providing a sample. This results in a 31% passing rate. The average time of passing was 18.1 days with a standard deviation of 12.3.

Approximately 9% of the people who submitted their THC drug test results claimed to have used a detox product. This includes those that also diluted their urine in conjunction with using a detox product. Of these people, 37% passed. The average time of passing was 13.8 days with a standard deviation of 8.1.

The remaining 25% (up from 18% in 2013) of the population claim to have attempted diluting their urine. Of these people, 46% passed. The average time of passing was 14.4 days with a standard deviation of 7.9.


Detox Potion vs. Water Dilution

The Verdict:

People who dilute or “detoxify” their urine will have a better chance of passing a marijuana drug test. However, at the granular level, it appears that Diluting methods produce better passing results than Detox products. This may be because some detoxification products fail to explicitly tell the user to drink a few extra glasses of water. Also, some labs test for adulterants and detox products. Either way, stop wasting your money on detox products. Period. The shady companies and sketchy people that sell you this crap are only looking to increase the size of their wallet by decreasing the size of yours.

The Detox Failures:

This is a list of detox products that people have used in order to pass a drug test that targets marijuana use – they still failed:

  • Algine Plus
  • CVS Complete Body Detox
  • Detoxify Ready Clean
  • Detoxify XXTRA Clean
  • GNC 14 Day Body Cleansing Program
  • Goldenseal
  • Herbal Clean Qcarbo32
  • ProTox
  • Rescue Detox Cleanse
  • Sonne’s #7
  • Stat 1-hour Flush
  • Stat Royal Flush
  • Stinger Total Detox
  • The Cleaner Body Detox
  • The Stuff Detox
  • Total Body 7 Day Rapid Cleanse
  • Total Eclipse Rely Detox (Max Strength)
  • Total Eclispe Assure Detox
  • Yogi DeTox
  • many more…

This is by no means a complete list of failures. And we wouldn’t recommend purchasing any type of detoxification product for the purpose of passing a drug test. They simply do not work any better than water dilution methods. If you bought a detox product, return it and get your money back.