This information is based on thousands of drug test results that marijuana users have submitted to us and is a clear cut analysis as to whether or not detox products have a beneficial impact on the probability of passing a drug test, using the average Physical Measurements and Smoking Habits of all users. Drug test submissions are broken down into three categories: Unaltered Urine, Diluted Urine, and Detoxed Urine.

Drug Test Submission Type | Detox Products vs. Water Dilution

Urine (Unaltered)

Nearly two thirds of all cannabis users don’t even prepare for the test or tamper with their urine when providing a sample. This results in a 24% passing rate. The average time of passing is 21.1 days with a standard deviation of 11.3.

Unaltered Urine

Diluted Urine

Approximately 23% of the population claim to have attempted diluting their urine. Of these people, 37% passed. The average time of passing is 14.4 days with a standard deviation of 6.9.

Diluted Urine

Detoxed Urine

The remaining 11% of the people who submitted their THC drug test results claimed to have used a detox product. This includes those that diluted their urine in conjunction with using a detox product—which is usually recommended by the product manufacturer. Of these people, 42% passed. The average time of passing is 13.2 days with a standard deviation of 6.1.

Detoxed Urine

The Verdict

It is absolutely clear—cannabis users who dilute their urine or use a detoxification product will significantly increase their odds of passing a marijuana drug test. Just by following proper dilution techniques alone will increase your odds of passing a urinalysis drug test by nearly 15%, seven days sooner, when compared to users who didn’t do anything.

For cannabis users that also use a detox product in conjunction with proper dilution, the results are slightly better—increasing the passing rate by 20%, or eight days sooner than those who just blindly walk into a drug test lab and provide a urine sample without taking any precautions.

As stated in the opening paragraph, it is important to understand that these data charts are based on the overall pass/fail rates of everyone that has submitted their data to us. Physical Measurements and Smoking Habits are essentially averaged together. This means that if your body type and usage habits are similar, you can expect these charts to be fairly accurate.

Urinalysis Pass/Fail Rate by Type
Average Physical Measurements
AgeHeightWeightWaistBody Fat
28.568 Inches178 Lbs34 Inches34 Lbs
Average Smoking Habits
(Increasing Scale from 1–5)

For cannabis users that have lower usage rates and body measurements than the average, or if you have a high metabolic rate, rest assured that you’re already well ahead of the pass/fail curve. However, it will still be very beneficial to drink extra fluids and dilute your urine.

But if you’re a daily smoker or if you weigh more than the average person, it would be wise to dilute your urine and purchase a detox product. Play with the settings when using the Marijuana Drug Test Calculator. You will see that it’s way more beneficial for heavy-set people to use dilution and detox methods. As an example, a person who uses cannabis several times a week and weighs 250 pounds can shave 10 or more days off their pass/fail time using these products when compared to the same person who just weighs 150 pounds, which may only help them save 3–4 days.

Use the Drug Test Detox Menu below to determine which products better suit your needs.

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