The main reason why people get drug tested is because they’re seeking employment (not surprised?). In fact, pre-employment drug screening accounts for more than half of our data. This is followed by the random drug test at 17%, getting drug tested for probation at 10%, and people drug testing themselves for reassurance at 8%.

If you are amongst the majority and have knowledge of an upcoming drug test, then you have something essential that you must make the most of – time. Use this time to adhere to as much of the following information as you can in order to increase your odds of passing a drug test. By doing so, you’ll see that at the 50% passing rate, people can expect to pass 5 – 10 days sooner than if they hadn’t. And the 75% passing rate can increase by more than two weeks for heavy set people. If time isn’t of the essence, and you’re on short notice, follow the steps at the bottom of this article. What ever you do, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON DETOX PRODUCTS. According to our analysis, detox potions yield the same results that can be achieved with water dilution methods.

Studying For Your Final Exam

If you have a week or more before your urine test, the best thing you can do to prepare for it is to establish a baseline. Knowledge of how much detectable THC that is in your urine will not only help you develop a better Plan A and Plan B, but it will also help you sleep easier at night.

We recommend purchasing some low cost THC-only test strips from Ebay or Amazon. Use two of them for any given day. Use one first thing in the morning. This is when your urine will be the “dirtiest”, as your bladder has been collecting the by products of your body throughout the night during your sleep. If the first test comes back negative, you’ll be able to set your mind at ease, as the likelihood of you failing the real test is greatly reduced. If this first test comes back positive, you now have an opportunity to practice diluting your urine. Go about your normal morning routine and add a few glasses of extra water to it. If possible, skip testing your second urination of the day. Drink some more water, eat lunch, and then use the second drug test strip. Hopefully you’ll pass and you’ll know exactly what you need to do the day of the test. If not, keep practicing!

Aside from establishing a baseline and practicing, start drinking water as soon as you expect to take a test. Water is the single most important factor when it comes to increasing your odds of passing a drug test. Not only does it help your body flush and cleanse itself, but it lowers the concentration of everything that is collected in your bladder – especially the THC metabolites that are sought after by the bladder police. Start by drinking no less than 72 ounces of water per day, but not more than a gallon, which is 128 ounces. Drinking more than that isn’t necessary and may lead to water intoxication if taken to the extreme.

Your diet is also very important to monitor. Initially, eat foods low in fat – lean red meats, chicken, lots of green vegetables, and fruits. The creatine from red meats will metabolize into creatinine, which laboratories are increasingly using to test for water dilution in urine samples. Make sure red meat is in your diet or use a creatine supplement if you think you’ll be drinking lots of water. The fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C in fruits and vegetables will kick your metabolism up a notch too. They also act as a diuretic, increasing your urine output. During this phase, avoid fried foods like the plague. As you may already know, the primary reason for this is because THC gets stored in the fat cells and lipid tissues throughout your entire body. Eating fatty foods will only assist in storing more THC, thus, increasing your marijuana detection window and your odds of failing.

Metabolism is a very significant variable in all of our calculations. And using it to your advantage takes careful planning. If you don’t already, do at least 30-45 minutes of light exercise everyday; a brisk walk, bike ride, sit ups, push ups, weightless squats, jump roping, maybe a jog around your neighborhood. You don’t need a gym membership to do any of this, and a little goes a long way. This will drastically increase the rate in which you burn fat cells and rid your body of THC and its metabolites. Continue some type of exercise routine until two days before your test, then stop cold turkey and let your metabolism return to normal. As counter intuitive as this sounds, you don’t want your body burning off THC and depositing THC metabolites in your bladder when you’re about to give someone a urine sample. And by now, hopefully you’ve cleared out some fat cell space to act as a buffer and store THC – instead of having your body burn it.

Two days before your test, start adding fatty foods back to your diet. Any fast food chain that serves deep fat fried items will do. By doing this and slowing your metabolism, your body will reabsorb much of the free floating THC before it gets metabolized by the liver – which results in less THC metabolite concentrations in your urine.

On the day of your test, wake up and empty as much of your bladder as you can. Eat a larger than normal breakfast and start drinking water. If you’ve established a baseline and have been self testing yourself throughout the week, then you should have a good idea on where you stand. If you’re still worried that you will fail, keep reading below. Make sure to collect your urine mid stream when providing your sample and best of luck to you!

Short Notice

In the military, getting popped with a random drug test and having Sergeant Pecker Checker monitor your every move when giving a urine sample is common practice. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, then the follow these tips. Also, if you’ve been preparing for a urine test and you fear you may still fail, a few of these suggestions may be taken as precautionary measures.

If possible, go out and buy an Extra Strength 5-hour Energy Shot. These can be found anywhere from Wal-Mart to most gas stations. The purpose of this drink is two-fold. First, it has 500 micro grams of Vitamin B12. This will add a yellow color to diluted, clear urine. Second, it has a high amount of caffeine, which is a diuretic and will greatly assist in diluting your urine. A few hours before your test, drink a tall glass of water, take the energy drink, then continue drinking water until you feel that you can’t drink anymore. Pee and clear your bladder of as much urine as you can. Drink some more water, wait, and then give your urine sample. Again, collect your sample mid-stream.

If your urine sample comes back as “diluted” or something to that effect, you’ll most likely have to re-test at a later date, which will give you more time to get clean. Failing usually doesn’t happen the first time a test comes back diluted. But if a re-test comes back “diluted” again, you will most likely fail due to dilution, but not because you tested positive for THC.