Welcome to your introduction to the world’s only data-driven Marijuana Drug Test Calculator, where one can calculate the passing probability a person has before going to their marijuana drug test.

Yes, this is actually a thing!

Within this article, you will learn about the main concept of marijuana drug tests, how these tests work, and how to use a THC drug test calculator in order to increase the chances of passing your upcoming drug screen.

What Exactly Is A THC Drug Test?

Whenever you go for a job interview, you have probably been asked to take a drug test, which can be inconvenient and just downright awkward. A person gives you a plastic cup that has been sterilized, and you are supposed to urinate in it, while the person stands just a few feet away, waiting for you to finish and hand over the now-filled plastic cup.

The whole scenario sounds awkward, but it is a requirement if you want that job!

However, a lot of these tests aren’t actually testing for THC itself. In fact, the majority of these tests are made to screen for THC-COOH, which turns out to be THC’s metabolic byproduct. This byproduct is present in the body once the active compound gets broken down by the person’s liver.

The THC Process In Three Steps

The whole act of smoking marijuana can be thought of as a THC process that’s divided into three steps:

  1. Firstly, the THC that’s present inside the raw marijuana flower is called THC-A and it is the active compound’s non-psychoactive acidic version. So, whenever we light up the joint (or any other device), the THC-A decarboxylates into THC due to the heat, which is the active compound that causes the marijuana high the user feels at that time.
  2. Secondly, the next step is the whole process of inhalation plus absorption that occurs inside the bloodstream. The moment when THC-A combusts, it’s converted into THC immediately, and that is when it’s inhaled into the lungs. When it reaches the lungs, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and then it travels to every little area of the body in order to work its magic.
  3. Thirdly, this step is the whole metabolic process that is responsible for breaking down THC into THC-COOH, which is the compound that these marijuana drug tests screen for. When it is broken down into THC-COOH by the liver, the metabolite travels to different parts of the body, mostly fat deposits and hair cells. They then stay there for several days, weeks, or months.

Now, let’s talk about the THC test. These tests scan for metabolites in the skin, urine, hair, saliva, nails, or blood, depending on the type of screening one is having. Generally, THC-COOH is detectable for the longest time when tested using the hair; there are times when it is detectable for as long as ninety days.

On the other hand, it is detectable for the shortest time when tested using the saliva or the blood; in this case it is detectable for one to seven days.

When it comes to urine tests, they are able to detect the THC metabolites for almost up to eighty days, but commonly it is tested between ten to thirty days. Moreover, other factors are taken into account during the urine tests, such as the size of the body, how often one smokes cannabis, and the THC potency/dosage of the strain one’s smoking.

What Is The Drug Test Calculator?

The THC drug test calculator is pretty self-explanatory. It is an online tool that you can use, where you add in the required numbers and data. The calculator then gives you an estimated answer, letting you know how long THC will likely be in your system.

However, it should be noted that this isn’t an exact science. We have worked hard and spent a long time in order to put together and create the world’s only data-driven THC drug test calculator that you can use.

However, we cannot claim it to be 100% accurate; hence that is why we constantly mention that you will get a passing probability—there is always a chance that you may fail no matter what you do.

How Can The Drug Test Calculator Help A Person Get Ready?

There are plethora of options available to you in the market that are fairly efficient, such as detox drinks and kits. However, if you don’t have an idea of how long THC might be present in your system, then that can create issues for you. Hence, you won’t know what product to get or how to actually use the one you end up purchasing.

Furthermore, purchasing an incorrect detox supplement can wreak havoc on your plans. For instance, you might buy a 10-day program, but the THC might be in your system for the next 28 days. This can greatly hinder your chances of successfully passing your drug test. Not to mention, you will end up wasting your money on an expensive detox kit. That is why, a drug test calculator with a detox menu is a great tool and can come in handy in order to help you properly plan for your upcoming drug test.

The Meaning Of The Results That You Receive In Your Drug Test Calculator

We are mentioning this once again, the results you receive from our calculator are not 100% accurate; hence you should not take those results as being the absolute truth. Instead, use those numbers as an estimation and use them to plan your next move, like deciding what type of detox program to buy. This will ensure that you have the highest chance of successfully passing your upcoming drug test.

Here’s a specific example of how you can utilize the results that you receive after using the online calculator. Firstly, you will need to input the basic information in order to receive the most accurate result for your specific circumstances.

  • You need to choose between the imperial units (inches and pounds) or the metric units (centimeters and kilograms).
  • Pick your gender.
  • Input your weight, either in pounds or kilograms, depending on whichever units you picked.
  • Mention your age.
  • Select your height, again either in inches or centimeters, depending on whichever units you picked.
  • Provide the most accurate estimation of how often you use marijuana.
  • Mention your medical condition, if you are using cannabis in order to treat a certain medical condition. If not, then just pick ‘recreational use.’

After you are done entering all of the required information, you simply click the ‘Calculate’ button. Finally, the calculator will show you the estimated numbers, giving you an idea of how long THC metabolites are expected to stay within your system.

How You can Use this Calculator in Order to Gain Maximum Personal Benefit

Most people use our calculator in order to know what type of detox kit they should get in order to pass their upcoming marijuana drug test.

Certain individuals are lucky when it comes to these tests. For instance, their employer allows them to pick their own dates in order to take the test or they have to provide their drug test on their own through a different third-party company. Therefore, they can utilize the THC calculator in order to determine the best and most appropriate time for them to have their drug test done, no matter if it’s a urine, blood, hair, or saliva screening.

Furthermore, the results that you get from the calculator can potentially help you save money when it comes to the high-end detox kits. There are some great detox programs that end up costing you up to $200. However, these tests are long-term cleanses that are supposed to be permanent and they take more than two weeks minimum to be completed. But, if the calculator estimated THC to be in your system for only 7 to 14 days, then you just need to get one of the 7-day or 10-day detox kits that will cost you a lot less money.

Use our Drug Detection Calculator in Order to Check Yourself

You can make use of our very own THC drug test calculator by adding your own personal information. However, make sure that you enter accurate details as much as you can. Once you are done with that, you can check to see what your passing probability is and how long the THC metabolites are expected to remain inside your system.

Moreover, we will always advise that you plan for the maximum amount of time needed for detox or abstinence, if you have an upcoming marijuana drug test. So, if the calculator estimated that the THC will remain inside your system for 7 to 10 days, and you know that you have 14 days until your marijuana test, then it is best that you wait for that entire two-week period (if possible) just so you are on the safe side when it comes to passing that test.

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