The Macujo method is considered to be one of the most successful solutions to passing a hair drug test.

This method is highly suitable for heavy users who require fast and effective results.

We are confident that the information provided in this article will better your chances of passing this test with ease!

Why Does The Macujo Method Work

Once we describe the process that comprises the Macujo method, you might start to wonder how a method as seemingly strange as this could possibly work.

However, it has a very potent record for success.

The scientific reasoning behind this is fairly straightforward.

Drug metabolites travel to and deposit in the hair follicles.

What the Macujo method does is it opens the cuticle of the hair and flushes out the drug metabolites from the cortex that is within the follicle.

This does explain why it has strong effects as it removes any drug residues from the very core.

What Will You Need For The Macujo Method

The Macujo method consists of 7 basic steps and requires 4 key products.

  • Heinz Vinegar and Clean & Clear Shampoo (specifically a brand that contains salicylic acid) are the preliminary products. These will help to open the hair cuticle by creating cracks and fissures. The shampoo will also help to give a thorough cleanse by eliminating any barriers such as oil and dirt particles.
  • You will also require Aloe Rid Shampoo followed by Tide laundry detergent. These two will have a combined action that fully breaks down the follicle and completely flush out the toxins from the hair strand.


The entire process is quite straightforward to follow but you should make sure you follow everything right down to the very last detail in order to get the best results.

  1. Prior to starting the cleaning process, it is essential that you avoid using any weed or related drugs. This may be difficult at first but it will ensure your chances of passing the test are higher than usual. You can resume using once you get a clean result.
  2. Wash your hair and scalp thoroughly with warm water. The ideal step is to make sure the hair is damp but also not completely soaked with water.
  3. You must pour a sufficient amount of Heinz vinegar onto your hair. Massage and work it into the hair and scalp thoroughly. This step may slightly cause a burning sensation but it is completely normal. Leave this mixture without washing before moving to the next step.
  4. Apply the Clean & Clear Shampoo to the vinegar/water mixture in your hair and massage the hair and scalp thoroughly.
  5. You will need to wear a shower cap over the unwashed hair and leave the solution for approximately 30 minutes so that it can work into the hair.
  6. After the half hour is done, you should wash the mixture out of your hair by using an Aloe Rid shampoo. Once again, make sure you massage the hair and scalp thoroughly and wash the entire mixture out.
  7. Finally, wash the hair again once more using Tide laundry detergent. This detergent solution is extremely strong so make sure it does not come into contact with your eyes while you massage thoroughly.

After completing all of this, it should be stressed that you need to repeat this process a few more times in order to effectively flush out the drug residues from the follicles.

This is simply by trial and error so you should repeat it as you see fit.

Some users have repeated this as many as 10-15 times in order to reap the best results but this is merely a precautionary step.

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