Palo Azul Tea works in the manner of a detox drink that improves the health of the body while also flushing out the drug residues. Let’s examine the details this of this method, from its science to the basic procedure.

Why Is Palo Azul Tea Effective

Understanding the science behind Palo Azul Tea is essential. The tea extract is produced from the Palo Azul herbs that are native to Mexico and its usage as a medical remedy dates back to hundreds of years.

Palo Azul contains the minerals sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which function as electrolytes and help to regulate numerous functions in the body, including the characteristics of urine. The tea also contains a negatively-charged alkaloid compound that draws or pulls out the toxins in the blood and urinary tract.

This is vital for effective kidney function.

As kidneys act as filters and are central to the removal of waste products, increasing their function helps to flush out unnecessary products out of the body at a higher rate. To this end, Palo Azul has been shown to be a powerful and natural diuretic. Diuretics are specific compounds that lead to increased diuresis or an increase in the amount of urine produced by an individual.

Scientific studies have proven that a natural diuretic like Palo Azul can increase the production of urine while diluting any toxins which may include drug metabolites such as THC. Palo Azul can also create a masking effect by changing urinary pH and preventing the passive excretion of specific drug compounds in the urine.

What You Will Need

  • You will just need to purchase the Palo Azul product which normally comes in the natural bark form. They are available for purchase from a wide range of specialist sellers on the internet including authentic organic product sellers to general sellers on eBay.
  • Water to boil the bark for preparing the tea
  • Optional items to increase the flavor such as honey and lime.


Let’s look at how to use Palo Azul Tea.

  1. Boil at least a gallon and a half of water.
  2. Add approximately 2-3 ounces of the Palo Azul bark into the water.
  3. Boil for up to 1.5 hours.
  4. Remove from heat, filter out the tea from the bark and drink!

The process is simple and straightforward. If you require only the tea to pass the test, the best option is to drink the entire volume of tea that is made within a 24 period prior to taking the test. This should help to bring the desired results.

An extra tip to boost your chances of passing the test is to avoid taking any drugs. The longer the period, the better your odds are so this is entirely up to what you think is best.

The longer you boil the bark, the deeper the color of the tea will be. If done successfully, aside from a bit of evaporation, you should have a deep red colored liquid with a hint of a blue halo at the top. The tea has a mild flavor and can be served hot or cold. Feel free to garnish it with lime, honey or sugar for that extra kick!

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