Mouth swab drug tests have become increasingly popular in the recent past.

And the fact that it is cheaper than other types of tests (and also faster to carry out) means that potential employers, current employers, and law enforcement agencies can now conduct it anywhere and at any time.

Yes, there is a reason to get anxious and nervous if you are damn sure that you’d definitely fail if you were tested right now.

The good news, however, is that passing a mouth swab drug test is possible… IF DONE CORRECTLY.

And we know how to do it.

We’re not here to rewrite shit that has been propagated around the web for years on end.

What we have here are up-to-date, legal and safe techniques that we have used to help over 50,000 people to sidestep detection.

And we believe that we’ll increase your odds of passing the test if you take our advice.

Why Is Saliva Drug Testing So Common These Days?

Urine drug test (also known as urinalysis) has been the most preferred method of detecting drug use among new and existing employees for several decades now thanks to its high level of accuracy.

Mouth swab drug testing is closing in on urinalysis these days though and most employers are considering it as their primary means of drug screening.

This popularity can be partly attributed to the technological strides that have greatly increased saliva test’s ability to detect marijuana use among workers over the last 5-6 years.

Generally, here are a few reasons why saliva drug testing has become so popular nowadays;

  • A little bit harder to cheat – the key advantage that a mouth swab drug test offers is that it is almost cheat-proof. Unlike a urine test where borrowing piss is very much possible, saliva substitution is quite hard. In addition, it is less prone to dilution and tampering.
  • Super convenient – everything about mouth swab drug testing is simple right from specimen collection to results analysis. For instance, test administration can be done in pretty much any room within the work premises without the need for gender-specific collection points. This means that the employer is saved from the cost of hiring special labs and experts.
  • It’s respectful and non-intrusive in that it does not require the subjects to pee in containers or have their hair cut. It’s also a great alternative for people with needle phobia.
  • Relatively affordable – although it still does cost the employer to hire the drug testing services, the cost is far much cheaper compared to hair and blood tests partly because everything is done within the workplace.
  • Fast results – another reason why mouth swab drug tests are becoming so popular is that the results are out in 10-20 minutes. This is very impressive than having to wait for between 3 business days or even a few weeks with urinalysis
  • Detects recent usage – a spit test’s ability to detect drugs 30-60 minutes after use is another solid reason for its increased popularity. This is considerably more effective than other types of tests, for instance, a urine test that will only detect the drug metabolites after 3 hours (at least) after smoking.

How Is A Mouth Swab Test Conducted

A swab is hands down, the easiest of all types of drug testing.

This is because it does not require needles and neither will you be required to pee in a container as someone else is staring at you.

The complexity of this test depends on who is taking it and where (in a clinical setting, at home or by the side of the road?)

However, the steps involved are basically the same regardless of who and where the test is being carried out.

Specimen Collection

The whole process begins with the collection of a sample of oral fluids either through spitting or swabbing.

Oral fluids are made up of several fluids although saliva is the most abundant.

This explains why swab tests are also commonly known as saliva or spit tests.

To collect the specimen, the medical professional will place a swab either under your tongue or between your cheek and lower gum for utmost 3 minutes or until enough specimen is collected.


The next step depends on where the test is being carried out and its complexity.

In a clinical setting, it’s very likely that the lab technicians will test for more than one drug.

Thus, the swab is put in a container and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

If the test is being carried out at the worksite, at home, or by the roadside, a commercially-available test kit with an onboard ‘lab’ (similar to a pregnancy test kit) will be used.

This means that the results are out almost instantly thereby eliminating the need of sending the specimen to a lab.

Reading Results

A saliva test kit has one or more lines that indicate whether or not the drug that you are being tested for is present in the specimen.

A simple test kit will have a control band and just test one band and, therefore, tests for one drug only.

On the other hand, there are others that test for multiple drugs and will, therefore, feature multiple test bands representing each drug.

For the results to be valid, a line must show on the control band. The results are deemed negative if a line forms on the test band.

Passing Probability Calculator

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How A Mouth Swab Drug Test Detects Drugs

Spitting or swabbing collects neat oral fluids secreted by the parotid, submaxillary and sublingual glands in the mouth.

These glands can produce enough oral fluid (of which saliva is the most abundant) for a specimen in utmost 3 minutes although it might take longer.

This may happen if you are anxious or if you’ve taken substances that inhibit saliva production including marijuana itself.

When smoking weed, some amount of it is absorbed directly into your mouth’s soft tissues.

The concentration level in these tissues increases as you continue to smoke and decrease with time as saliva is secreted when chewing food.

Back to specimen collection, the oral fluids collected are relatively viscous and maybe a little bit hard to work with.

When using drug test kits, the saliva is first added to a proprietary diluent that will later help with the analysis.

As we have explained in the section above, drug test kits have ‘built-in labs’ that give results almost instantly.

Basic models have a set of lines that indicate the presence or absence of the drugs that you are being tested for.

Electronic versions, on the other hand, don’t rely on bands. Instead, the presence or absence is displayed on an electronic readout on the kit.

Laboratory testing is a lot more complex and more reliable since advanced drug testing equipment is put into play.

These tests use ELISA technology-based kits to screen oral fluids for amphetamines, buprenorphine, methadone, cocaine, and opioids.

Cannabis is a little bit hard to screen using ELISA technology but it’s successfully detected using enzyme immunoassay.

Similar to urine drug tests, enzyme immunoassay is used as the initial test and you’ll be considered clean if the results are negative.

In case the results are positive with the initial test, an MS (Mass Spectrometry) confirmatory analytical technique which can either be a GC-MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) or LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) is conducted to eliminate any risk of a false positive.

Worth mentioning, unlike in urine drug tests where GC-MS is the most preferred confirmatory technique, swab tests give a lot of emphasis on LC-MS due to the low sample volumes as well as the low detection limits required (4 ng/mL).

Likelihood of Being Drug Tested by Ethnicity


How To Pass A Saliva (Mouth Swab) Drug Test

The swab drug test is increasingly becoming most employers’ go-to method of curbing worksite accidents by detecting drug use.

However, although technological advancement is making it both effective and efficient by the day, it has not made it totally foolproof.

As it’s the case with other methods of cheating a test though, the internet is full of solutions on how to pass a mouth swab drug test.

We will be point blank with you on this: passing a saliva test is easy, but most advice that you’ll come across online just doesn’t work and might actually increase your odds of failing.

All in all, here are methods that most of our readers have used to beat the test successfully:

Wait For The Drugs To Clear From Your Body

The easiest way to pass any type of drug test is by having no traces of the drug in your system.

That means giving your body some time to get rid of the drug naturally.

And this also means that you’ll need to come up with the best excuse to push the test to a later date, that is, if your employer or potential employer had set one already.

For occasional smokers, traces of weed are detectable in saliva 1-3 days after the last toke.

However, this may take up to a month for a regular, heavy smoker.

Use A Reliable Detox Regimen

It might be very hard for you to reschedule an already planned mouth swab drug test especially if it is a pre-employment screen.

Same case for a worksite screening test.

If you’ve got time on your side though, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of passing the test.

Don’t Do Drugs For 72 Hours

Traces of THC can be detected in your saliva 3 days after smoking if you are an occasional smoker.

As we have just noted above, the detection window may extend to a month if you are a regular, heavy smoker.

That being said, your very first step to beating this step is to abstain from drugs for 72 hours.

Don’t panic if you don’t have 72 hours between you and the test.

Just avoid the drugs in the days ahead of the test and follow the steps below religiously.

Wipe Your Mouth Tissue With A Swab

As you continue to abstain from weed, use a sponge swab to wipe the area between your gum and cheek regularly.

The essence of this is to remove as many traces of THC as possible and to reduce its concentration in your oral fluids.

This might be the right time to grab a pack of oral care sponge swabs if you don’t have one already.

Increase Your Flow Of Saliva

While there isn’t a hard scientific backing for this, it’s safe to assume that replacing old saliva with new might reduce the concentration of THC in your oral fluids and thereby increase of likelihood of beating the test.

We like to compare this to diluting urine ahead of analysis.

Sipping water frequently throughout the day in the days leading to the test might boost saliva production.

Start Brushing Your Teeth Twice Daily

You might ask how brushing twice daily will boost your chances of passing a swab drug test.

Keep in mind that the concentration of THC in the bloodstream is always fluctuating as the THC in the fat cells is being released.

Some of these traces get into your saliva through the bloodstream and might work against you.

Brush for 2 minutes targeting not only your teeth but your tongue and cheeks too.

You could include flossing into the regimen as well especially if you are a heavy smoker.

Rinse With Water

In the hours leading to the test, rinse your mouth with a lot of water. You could either swallow or spit the water.

This helps in diluting and lowering the concentration of drug metabolites in your oral fluids besides boosting the secretion of fresh saliva with a presumably lower THC concentration.

Swish With Mouthwash

Mouthwash is even much better in lowering the concentration of THC in your oral fluids than rinsing with water.

Worth noting, however, avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes especially in the hours before the test as they might trigger a false positive in case you are being tested for alcohol as well.

Mouthwash offers much better results especially if it has been specially formulated to help with passing an oral drug test.

Mouth Swab Drug Test FAQ

Are There False Positives With Saliva Drug Tests?

Yes. Similar to all other tests, there are still chances of a false positive with saliva drug tests.

The saving grace though is that initial positive results are only declared positive after a second confirmatory test has been done.

This is usually a GC-MS test and it lessens the risk of a false positive to almost zero.

Some of the common causes of a false positive in saliva drug tests include drugs such as antidepressants, antihistamines, and antibiotics, certain OTC products, decongestants, and analgesics.

To avoid the risk of a false positive and the anxiety that it comes with, it’s advisable that you give an accurate prescription of any type of prescription that you may have used in the hours before the collection of the specimen.

Can You Fail From Touching Or Smelling Weed?

It’s a well-known fact that you cannot get HIGH from raw weed until you have activated it, for instance by burning, to convert it to THC (the component that gets you stoned).

However, that does not mean that you are safe if you are constantly touching weed even if you don’t smoke.

A recent study conducted in Germany involved 10 participants (non-smokers) who were required to roll a joint every day for 5 consecutive days.

At the end of the study, it was found out that THCA-A and THC were observed in all the participants’ hair samples.

The researchers concluded that some parts of THC can be transferred into the system through contaminated fingers.

Can You Fail From Second-Hand Smoke Weed?

If you are mostly in the company of smokers, then there’s a good reason to fear that the second-hand smoke could make you fail a scheduled test.

Studies show that second-hand smoke weed can make you feel HIGH. That means that can also lead to a failed drug test.

There is some relief though!

Second-hand smoke can only get you HIGH only in a Hot Box condition (a room with no ventilation) and with at least 15 grams of weed being smoked for an hour.

Otherwise, you can’t get HIGH or fail the test even if you live among smokers provided there is adequate ventilation.

How Long Do Saliva Drug Results Take?

Most commercially-available test kits that are used for on-site testing give results in a matter of minutes (mostly 10-15 minutes).

On the other hand, it might take a few hours if the specimen needs to be taken to a laboratory.

If the results come out positive, confirmatory tests will need to be redone to eliminate the risk of a false positive.

This means that the results might take even longer.

What Should You Do After Failing A Saliva Drug Test?

There is nothing much that you can do after a confirmatory test comes back positive.

However, don’t just give in especially if there is a lot at stake.

You might consider fighting back- but in a calm way.

We’ve heard cases of people who tested positive for drugs they had never used before.

This could be you. Act very surprised and claim that something must have gone horribly wrong.

Let them believe that there must have been a mistake somewhere and insist on taking a urine test instead.

If you are lucky to redo a urine test, then do everything possible to piss clean.

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