The Jerry G method is considered to be an effective solution to help you pass a hair drug test. It simply requires a few ingredients that should be applied onto the hair in a sequence. This method is beneficial for regular users and it has mostly become popular due to its cheap and simple requirements.

Why Does This Method Work

The hair strand consists of the outer cuticle, the inner cortex, and the core medulla. The drugs usually enter the system and can be deposited in multiple areas of the body, including within the hair follicles. This is what enables the drug deposits to be detected for up to 90 days after use.

The Jerry G method works in a similar way to that of the Macujo method. The products used will essentially break down the cuticle, expose the cortex and flush out the residual drugs that have been deposited.

What Will You Need

A significant reason as to why the Jerry G method has become more popular than the Macujo method is due to the affordability of the required ingredients. The list of what you need is as follows:

  • A bottle of bleach made of Hydrogen Peroxide – accelerates the cuticle breakdown process
  • Ammonia-based hair dye – The bleach and hair dye will break down the cuticle to expose the center of the follicle
  • Toxin Wash shampoo
  • Zydot ultra clean shampoo – The detox shampoo and ultra-clean shampoo will help to flush out the toxins
  • Baking soda
  • New combs and towels – prevents any contamination

Step By Step Instructions

The Jerry G method is technically 8 steps long and it takes up to 10 days in length for the entire process to be complete.

  1. The first (and possibly the most determining) step is to stop using weed or any related drugs, at least 10 days prior to taking the test.
  2. Next, bleach your hair and then use the dye (which should contain ammonia and be permanent in order to get the required results). An additional tip is to locate a dye that matches your normal hair color so the final results will not be drastic.
  3. After the bleach/dye mixture is done, wash the hair with a detox/toxin wash shampoo. Follow the instructions on the shampoo for the required result.
    Remember not to blow dry your hair after this as it could increase damage.
  4. 10 days after using the bleach/hair dye mixture (while continuing the period of drug abstinence), repeat adding this mixture for the second time.
  5. Add the detox shampoo once again and wash your hair thoroughly. Leave your hair to dry.
  6. On the day of the test, make a thick paste containing baking soda and apply on your hair. Massage the scalp and hair thoroughly.
  7. After massaging the paste, use shampoo to wash your hair once again and thoroughly clean the scalp off the paste.
  8. Use the Ultra Clean shampoo for the final step to wash and massage your hair thoroughly.

An extra tip to consider while following this process is to make sure you dispose of all your old combs, brushes, towels and other hair accessories. This is because the idea of the Jerry G method is to ‘eliminate your old hair’ so it will be quite beneficial if you use completely new products.

You may also benefit from getting your hair cut short for this period of time in order to make the results more promising.

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