Patent US 20140316710 A1 – The test passing probabilities and trendlines that this calculator provides are derived from the measurements and urine test results of thousands of victimized cannabis consumers who have submitted their data to us. Please come back and do the same to increase its efficacy!

Calculates Passing Probabilities For:
➢ Four Data Plots – Lab and Home tests with and without Dilution

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How long can a drug test detect cannabis usage?

Use our Marijuana Drug Test Calculator to determine your odds of passing your next drug test! In an effort to provide the community with the most accurate answer to this question, we set up a simple submission form where people


Analyzing our drug test submission data

The charts and passing percentile trendlines that follow below were quantitatively derived from the urine drug test results of thousands of marijuana users who submitted their drug test results to us. They represent the four common factors that determine how long


Preparing for a urine drug test

The main reason why people get drug tested is because they’re seeking employment (not surprised?). In fact, pre-employment drug screening accounts for more than half of our data. This is followed by the random drug test at 17%, getting drug